Walls and Murals for Kids

One wall or panoramic room designs, painted in your home or business.

Most recent work
Description: Horses, horses, horses! Girls love horses! An L-shaped wall corner of a bedroom came to life with horse pastures, fencing, a distant barn, eight horses and two equestrian riders. The sky and rolling hills really lend itself to creatin
Other works
Koser’s “Kids Cove” is inviting and fun for kids to play
A simple design for a girl’s bedroom wall adds just a little somethin
Safer than hanging art over a baby’s crib, these five playful monkeys
What a way to get a baby excited with almost life size characters peering i
This space room contains all 8 planets, plus Pluto, stars, a planetarium, t
These 3 – 6 foot graphically illustrated balls and glove on a blue wa
This classic room theme has hand-painted blue, green and cream stripes, fou
What a difference from 4 white walls. Twenty-eight kid-friendly animals, bi
This room created for a House for Hope project combines several great child
Soft yellow walls and delicate green vines with blooming pink and purple fl
A very simple design using the client’s favorite colors adds a lot of
The client wanted a sports room that combined baseball and football using o
This room was created for a little girl who wanted “fairies and flowe
This simple room design began with adding small waves at the top of the wal