Three-Panel Magnolia Blossom
24th Sep 2011 Posted in: Paintings 2
Three-Panel Magnolia Blossom

Original Painting
Medium: Acrylic on 3 canvas panels
Size: 30″w x 48″h (each panel)
Date: 2010

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  1. Jamey Sikes says:

    I was very drawn to your beautiful painting of the magnolia blossom in three panels. The information online was that it was posted in 2011 and has been sold. I would like to find out if duplicates of this painting have since been produced and sold to interested buyers. If so, I would also like to determine if it could be rendered in different sizes and the prices of the various pieces. I think it would be a wonderful wall hanging in our newly remodeled dining area–my husband and I (both being southern) have a mutual appreciation of magnolia blossoms. Your response would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Jamey Sikes

  2. Michelle says:

    Hi Jamey,

    Thanks for your message about the painting. That painting was marked sold because it is currently hanging in my home and I do get a lot of complements on it! If you are interested in purchasing it, I would be willing to sell it or I could paint one for you at a size that would fit your dining room. Please let me know what size you would be interested in having, if you would like 3 panels like the one I have, and then I can calculate a price for my time, materials and delivery.

    Thanks so much for your interest!


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